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At Dominican Weddings, we remove the stress and hassle by taking your wedding preparations off your shoulders but never out of your hands.  Our destination weddings in the Dominican Republic will help make your dreams come true!


That starts with a personal consultation where we get to know the two of – your style, your stories. Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to plan the wedding of your dreams. Which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the most important day of your lives.


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 Cynthia and Nick...

“I wanted to express my sincerest and dearest thanks for an excellent job helping me and Nick plan our gorgeous wedding at your villa..."

Tracy and Jonathan... 

“My wedding was better than I could ever dream.  Our wedding planner was the best!!!  The staff pampered us so much….We will be ever grateful!"

Rena and Joe...

“Our dedicated villa wedding planner was the consummate ingenious wedding coordinator. Every part of the wedding was perfect!"

Our Clients Speak...

Welcome to

Dominican Weddings

Unique, Exotic, Beautiful Destination Weddings

Welcome to

Dominican Weddings

Unique, Exotic, Beautiful Destination Weddings in the Dominican Republic

Destination Wedding Photographers

We work with many photographers from throughout the Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States.  You are welcome to bring your own photographer, of course, but the wedding photographers we suggest are some of the very best.

To get a quote for a destination wedding photographer, please let us know when you contact us that you would like this information.

Top 10 Dominican Wedding Tips

How to have the perfect destination wedding!

Since 2002 we have been planning and hosting destination weddings in the Dominican Republic.  The number of tips we can offer for you to consider for your wedding is seemingly endless.  But with the experience we have we decided to focus on the most important tips, those designed to reduce your stress the most, so you can have a memorable, fun-filled destination wedding!

1.  Choose Your Destination Carefully - Do not "follow the crowd" and choose a destination just because others have done it or, worse yet, it appears to be the least expensive on the surface.  Your destination wedding should reflect you, your dreams and what you know you will enjoy the most.  All-inclusive hotels and similar venues will get you lots of strangers gawking at your wedding, popping up in photos and probably making too much noise.  Also consider if you have elderly guests (grandma and grandpa) who need handicap accessibility.  Consider what local activities are there since many of your wedding guests may turn this into a mini-vacation for themselves.

2.  Check References - Ask to speak to some past brides who have enjoyed their own Dominican weddings at this location. It is best to get two or three so you can get truly unbiased answers.  What did they like?  What would they do differently?  Did anything go wrong?  How was the wedding planner?  Put together a list of no more than ten questions so you can concentrate on the most important ones.

3.  Plan Well in Advance - Remember that everyone in your wedding party will be traveling to another location for your destination wedding.  When your dates are set, immediately book your wedding location so your special dates are reserved for you.  This will give everyone time to save up some money, plan their own schedules and happily attend your wedding in the Dominican Republic.

4.  Combine Wedding & Honeymoon - We all worry about saving money and one of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you can have your honeymoon in largely the same locale.  Imagine a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic followed by a honeymoon here or another island.  You can save a ton of money by dove-tailing these two together.

5.  Decide Your Legal Requirements - You need to decide if you will be married in the Dominican Republic or are you only going to have a wedding celebration?  Often couples decide to be married in their home country and have their celebration here so they can forego the legal requirements.  Others truly want to have a Dominican wedding so they are legally married here.  If you decide to be legally married here, make sure your wedding planner helps with the legal documents and requirements.

6.  Be Sensitive to Budgets - Be considerate of the family budget and the budget of those who are traveling to attend your wedding.  When planning a wedding budget, include cost of airfare, accommodations and meals so everyone knows what they have to spend.  Luxury villas such as ours are perfect for stretching a budget because more people does not always mean more money.

7.  Relax, Enjoy and Rely on Your Wedding Planner - The destination wedding planner will soon become one of your best friends because she will get to know you very well.  Learn to rely upon her because she is truly an expert at planning, coordinating and managing a destination wedding.  This is probably your first destination wedding whereas she has planned dozens of Dominican weddings.  Relax and allow her to do the 'heavy lifting' in planning your wedding for you.

8.  Negotiate a Discount - If you have a large number of people traveling from a single destination you can very likely negotiate a great group discount.  Ask for discounts on a per person basis so you can help everyone in their budgeting.  Check for wedding packages where you get more bang for your buck!

9.  Pack Smartly - Plan your traveling so you can bring the clothing and accessories you need (including medications) for your entire trip.  If you combine your wedding and honeymoon, take that into consideration as well.  Do not pack too much, tho!

10. Get Photos & Videos - As obvious as this may sound, you need to consider having professional photography and/or video of your wedding.  Some of your friends and family may not be able to come along so this will be the only way they can see the wedding.  Use a professional photographer who has the expertise, equipment and style you need to truly capture this most memorable of events.